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Medical Weight Loss Management 


Are you looking for a noninvasive way to lose weight AND keep it off? With prescription options, getting your weight to a healthy level is much easier these days. 

Meet with Tracy, the Nurse Practitioner at Lakes Area IV Wellness to talk about your options.  Evaluation is required to determine eligibility and create a treatment plan. She will go through her 100% success program with you.


Compounded semaglutide or tirzepatide are not stimulant type medications. They will help you stay full longer and feel full faster resulting in smaller meals and stable blood sugars.  Clinical studies show a 15-20% reduction in body weight.


Expect to meet with her every 6-12 weeks for your refills.


*note: we do not accept any insurance

Olympia's Weight Management Program

*Alternative to hCG weight loss, with components aimed at boosting human growth hormone (hGH) levels and, in turn, helping you to curb appetite, burn fat and build muscle safely and effectively


Low-dose naltrexone oral capsules

Sermorelin subcutaneous injectables

Lipo-Trim oral sublingual spray



Vitamin B12 injections are every 4-7 days and help with energy and metabolism. We can inject in the office or we can help you administer them at home! 


Lipo-B shots

These ever popular injections will help you burn fat quicker with added nutrients that help your liver break down fats. It also contains B12 to help with energy!

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