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High Dose Vitamin C


Vitamin C 15G- $135

Vitamin C 25G- $189

Vitamin C 50G- $240

Vitamin C 75G- $301

Vitamin C 100G- $395

Please call us to schedule High Dose Vitamin C Infusions

Ask us About Package Pricing

Recommended for: 15G &25G  immune support, oxidative support, Vit. C deficiency, inflammation, wound healing. Doses 50G and greater are typically reserved for chemo and radiation support. 

Frequency recommendations depends on the indication and goals. 

For ongoing care, we require an initial basic lab work up on file- CBC, CMP, CRP, and UA, as well as a G6PD.  Then monthly CBC, CMP, and UA. We may also require a ferritin level to assess for iron overload. 

We can draw these labs for you and send out to our third-party lab for a cash price or you can have them drawn by your PCP and bring a copy with you to your appointment. 

These IV infusions and injections are not meant to diagnose or treat medical conditions

The IV’s, infusions, injections are administered by a Licensed Medical Professional and overseen by a
Certified Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) that has been trained in IV Nutritional Therapy.

Drips can be customizable. Please contact us for further information

Appointment time does not guarantee you will receive an infusion. If there are contraindication and/or
you do not qualify for the infusion/injection, you will be refunded the purchase price.

Caution is advised to anyone with known congestive heart failure, renal failure, liver disease, or G6PD
deficiency. It is important to be honest and disclose all/any health conditions when filling out your
medical health questionnaire prior to your first appointment. All information is confidential

Recommended that you bring a copy of your most recent lab tests to your first appointment

G6PD lab required for all vitamin C doses higher than 10G and/or ongoing infusions with vitamin C

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