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Laser Hair Reduction 
Spectrum 810-Diode

An Overview

The Spectrum 810-Diode is ideal for laser hair removal with a large spot size, a hertz rate capable of up to 10 pulses per second, and built in contact cooling. The 810 nm diode laser mode is specifically designed to eliminate unwanted hair in both small and large areas of the body.

What to Expect

During treatment, the hand-piece will be directed at problem areas to destroy hair follicles. This essentially disables them from future hair growth.  Patients will notice that unwanted hair starts to thin out and slough off after the first treatment session.  The Spectrum 810-Diode is safe and effective in all areas of the body that have unwanted hair. The most popular areas are: Legs, Arms, Bikini Area, Back, Shoulders, Stomach, Neck, Chin, Upper Lip, Chest.

As with all laser hair removal systems, the Spectrum 810-Diode requires a series of treatments. Hair reduction is seen with each treatment. Hair reduction can be seen after the first treatment, but the best results are seen after 5-6 treatments starting four weeks apart, extending to when you notice the hair start to grow, as we want to hit that regrowth stage. A series of 6 – 8 treatments is recommended. Hormones can play a role in hair growth and repeated treatments may be necessary. Hair that is dark is best for laser hair reduction and for those with very light blonde or gray hair, laser hair removal may not be a treatment option. 

We are unable to treat hair that is within a tattoo as the laser will damage the tattoo pigment permanently altering the appearance of the tattoo. 

Pre-Treatment Information

  • Please shave 12-36 hours before all treatments.  The idea is to have a nice, close shave, so that there is no hair outside the skin. 

  • Do not tan for 2-4 weeks prior. 

  • Remove all makeup, lotion, and deodorant. Right before your laser hair removal treatment, avoid applying any lotion, sunscreen, perfume, or other cosmetics to surface of your skin. 

  • Do not wax, thread, or tweeze for 2-4 weeks prior. 

  • Avoid sun exposure for approximately 4 weeks prior to treatment, tanned skin has extra melanin (pigment) which attracts laser energy from targeting the hair follicle. 

Post-Treatment Information

  • Immediately after treatment, there may be mild redness and swelling at the treatment site, which may last up to 2 hours or longer. The redness may last up to 2-3 days.The treated area may feel like a sunburn. Apply ice packs or gel packs (do not apply direct ice) for first few hours after treatment to reduce any discomfort or swelling. if redness or swelling persists, ice packs can be continued.

  • Makeup may be used immediately after the treatment unless there is blistering

  • Avoid sun exposure until skin has returned to its normal baseline (no redness or swelling)

  • Avoid picking or scratching the treated skin. Do not use any other hair removal treatment products or services (waxing, electrolysis, or tweezing) that will disturb the hair follicle in the treatment area.

  • Was the treated area and pat dry for 2 days after treatment. Do not scrub.

  • Start gently scrubbing treatment area on the 4th day (ex-foliate).

  • Anywhere from 5-19 days after the treatment, shedding of the surface hair may occur and this appears as new hair growth. This is not new hair growth, it is the shaft that was below the skin and is being expelled. It may take 7-10 days for the shafts to be fully expelled. 

  • There are no restriction on bathing except to treat the skin gently, as if you had sunburn, for the first 24 hours

  • At the next visit, it is important for the patient to let the practitioner or laser technician know how long the redness lasted after treatment and when significant hair growth was noticed in the area. This info will allow the laser technician  or practitioner to individualized treatments to achieve the desired results. 

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