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Men's Testosterone Replacement Therapy & Optimization

Achieve Optimal Health

At Lakes Area IV Wellness, our men’s health clinic helps you achieve optimal health, both mentally and physically. Whether you’re experiencing symptoms of low T, sleep apnea, or rapid weight gain, our men’s health clinic is committed to helping you discover a solution and guiding you on a path to a healthier lifestyle and a better you.

Schedule a consultation today, and take the first step on your journey to better health.


  • A lack of energy?                               

  • A decrease in strength or endurance?

  • A decrease in enjoyment of life?

  • A decrease in libido (sex drive)?

  • A decrease in strength of erections?

  • A recent deterioration in your ability to play sports?

  • A recent deterioration in your work performance?

  • A strong feeling of sleepiness after dinner?

Are you tired of feeling exhausted? Have you lost your motivation or have low libido?

When your health suffers, often times other areas of your life suffer as well. But at Lakes Area IV Wellness, we can help change that.


From signs of low T to other deficiencies, we examine every area important to a man’s health, which allows us to develop an easy-to-follow plan that will ensure your success.

No matter where you fall on the spectrum of men’s health, the time is now to come to Lakes Area IV Wellness and take the first steps toward realizing your best health possible!

Lakes Area IV Wellness Men's TRT & Optimization Program & How it Works

Labs are required.

Lakes Area IV Wellness can perform the lab draw or send a lab order to preferred lab and patient's can utilize their insurance. Coverage is not guaranteed.

Cash price for labs is $230.00.

It is recommended that patient's make an initial lab appointment to have Lakes Area IV Wellness Clinic draw labs or have lab orders sent to lab of choice at least one week prior to the initial consultation.

Initial Consultation: $150 

This can be done in person or virtually. The initial consultation includes a complete history and physical. In addition, we will go through each lab one by one with you so you understand where you stand with your health. This visit is more than just a testosterone consultation, it includes vitamin and supplement counseling as well as additional services such as growth hormone optimization, and weight loss if interested.

Lakes Area IV Wellness Clinic options for testosterone replacement include creams/gel or injections. Pellets coming soon. If you qualify and wish to proceed with testosterone optimization therapy, you will either have daily cream/gel application or weekly injections. You can choose to have injections weekly in clinic or perform self injections at home (additional cost for at home supply). You will have follow up visits scheduled every 8-12 weeks depending on your progress.


A monthly membership is $140/month. 

Monthly recurring cost includes: Unlimited visits and consultations, weekly in clinic testosterone injections, in clinic B12 injections, and anastrozole (medication to control estrogen levels if they increase). Also basic men's health follow up labs included.

Bundle Discounts: We offer discounts if services are paid in full for 3, 6 or 12 month increments:

 5% off for 3 months, 7.5% off for 6 months and 10% off for 12 months

Testosterone home supply: If you wish to self-administer your testosterone injections at home or use compounded topical products, there is an additional cost involved. This option is for those that do not want to report to the clinic every week and are comfortable with drawing up their own testosterone or wish to use topical creams instead. Shipping is included.

  1. $*** for 6-week supply of testosterone with supplies.

  2. $*** for 12-week supply of testosterone with supplies.

  3. $*** for a 60-day supply of compounded testosterone cream.

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