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  • How can I schedule an appointment?
    Call us at 218-454-5248 Or Book with us online
  • How long does an appointment take?
    Typically, an appointment takes 30-90minutes. May take a little longer at first appointment d/t review of medical questionnaire and physical exam that will need to be performed. Certain infusions may take longer.
  • Which IV package should I get?
    Our nurse practitioner and RN’s can give you recommendations based on your symptoms.
  • Which payments do you accept?
    We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Unionpay, Debit, Cash, HSA, FSA, and Venmo
  • What can I expect at my initial visit?
    During initial visit, we will go over your medical history and our nurse practitioner will perform a physical exam to determine if you qualify for an infusion/injection. Certain lab testing may be required before proceeding with initial infusion/injection. Then if you qualify for an infusion/injection one of our licensed professionals will then seat you in one of our chairs. During this time, you can recline, read, listen to music on your headphones, work from your computer, and just take time for you to relax. Your vital signs will be checked before and after infusions. If receiving an IV infusion, an IV then will be placed. Location and size of IV catheter depends on each individual’s anatomy and type of Infusion they will be receiving. Qualified staff will then begin your infusion.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    Unfortunately, we do not accept insurance. Our prices are typically lower than what you would expect to pay at an urgent care or ER visit after paying for the co-payment and treatments received
  • Why is IV Infusions better than taking fluids, vitamins, and medications by mouth?
    Through the IV/IM route, the IV fluids, vitamins, and minerals bypass the gastrointestinal tract and go directly to the blood stream. There are many benefits to this such as: Faster uptake, better absorption, when your acutely ill N/V can prevent oral intake, individuals with impaired digestive tracts and malabsorption problems can get the optimal vitamins and minerals necessary, as we age our ability to absorb vitamins worsens which can lead to deficiencies, smoking, alcohol, and drug consumption can all affect absorption which can lead to deficiencies.
  • Do you offer discounts for large groups?
    Yes, we offer a group discount of 10% for groups of 4 or more. Call us for your next big event!
  • What is the minimum age or a patient to receive an IV?
    Patients must be at least 14 years old and weigh more than 100 pounds, as well as be willing to receive an IV.
  • When should I not receive IV therapy?
    If you have one or more of the following medical conditions: congestive heart failure, kidney failure/chronic kidney disease, uncontrolled hypertension, altered mental status, severe liver disease.
  • Do you treat pregnant or breastfeeding patients?
    We can provide plain IV fluids to pregnant and breastfeeding women only. No vitamins or minerals.
  • How long do IV vitamins last in our systems?
    Everyone is different. It depends on metabolism, level of deficiency, and many other factors. Research does show that vitamins and minerals are still present at higher levels up to two weeks after an infusion.
  • Is IV Vitamin Infusions and Injections safe?
    Yes, we only use reputable and accredited compounding pharmacies for our ingredients. All infusions are administered by licensed professionals who have gone through IV Vitamin Therapy Training.
  • Are there side effects?
    Side effects can happen, but are rare. If they do they are usually minor and short lived. Bruising or bleeding at IV site, warming or cooling sensation in arm, tasting the vitamins, or having vitamin smell in your urine. While many patients say they often feel better with more energy, others may notice they initially feel tired while their body is receiving antioxidants, as they are essentially getting their cells “cleaned”. Our licensed staff are trained to manage all side effects that may occur.
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